Have you overpaid for care fees?
We help people who may have been overcharged for care home fees.

Our team at Real:Life Care provides a patient advocacy service ensuring our clients receive clear, relevant, up to date information relating to care funding both retrospectively and moving forward. We are not lawyers – our background is clinical and we have a team of Continuing Healthcare specialists who know the assessment process inside and out. We know you have busy lives and trying to work out what to do for the best when you have a relative in need of care can seem like an uphill struggle. Let us help – simply tell us your story and we can work out a plan of action to make this process as easy as it can be, making sure that the best care is delivered in the right setting, whilst keeping a close eye on the finances.

We can help you gain any funding you are entitled to and we may even be able to secure a refund of previously paid care home fees. Many of the families we work with have already been through a Continuing Healthcare funding assessment and have been told they do not meet the eligibility criteria and therefore must continue to meet the care fees themselves. They feel overwhelmed by the process and do not know how to go about appealing a decision they disagree with.

Our clinical specialists can attend assessments with you to ensure that the outcome is appropriate and the correct process has been followed. Where necessary, we can appeal a funding decision on your behalf and represent your family at panel hearings.

If sufficient clinical evidence is presented to the NHS to appeal a decision, families may have the decision overturned and full funding awarded, resulting in a refund of the fees already paid.