Have You Overpaid On Care Fees?
We help those who have been victimised by reclaiming what they rightfully deserve.
Advice on fees
One year of care fees can cost an average £40,000. It makes sense to ask for advice before spending this money to make sure you and your family are getting the right care in the best setting with the minimum financial outlay. There are lots of funding options available however accessing them and maximising your entitlement is an uphill struggle. Our team know the system inside and out.
Advice on fees
We understand how stressful, confusing and emotional organising and funding care for loved ones can be. Let us help! All of our services have been developed with the whole family in mind, to support you all throughout the patient’s time in care and after they have passed away. Our services are designed to reduce the stress of making decisions by giving you all the information you need with no jargon, saving you time and ultimately, money. We know that finding the right care funding solution affects the whole family. We will help you make sense of the funding options available, to allow you to make the decisions which are best for everyone.
I have found the Real:Life team to be efficient, caring and understanding and always willing to put in the extra effort to achieve the best possible outcome. I do not begrudge one penny of their fee. Without the fantastic support of Real:Life throughout the entire process, it would never have been possible to pursue our claim to a successful conclusion
Mr Maselkowski - Oxon